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Weekly Torah Portion & Commentary

Toldot | תולדות | “Family history”

Torah: Genesis 25:19-28:9 Prophets: Malachi 1:1-2:7 Gospel: Luke 3:1-18 Portion Outline: Torah: Genesis 25:19 | The Birth and Youth of Esau and Jacob Genesis 25:29 | Esau...
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This week at Beth Shechinah

Announcements & Events

See what's happening this week at Beth Shechinah.
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Insights on Scripture and other Messianic Restoration topics.
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L'Chaim (Life) Groups

L'Chaim groups are a vital part of congregational life, learn more about how you can get involved.
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Judaica Resource Center

Check out Judaica Gift Shop at Beth Shechinah
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Check out our December 2016 | Khesvan-Kislev 5777 Calendar!

Check out our December 2016 | Khesvan-Kislev 5777 calendar to find out what is happening this month at Beth Shechinah! December 2016 | Khesvan-Kislev 5777 Calendar Download
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Upcoming Events

Jerusalem’s Jubilee Israel Tour 5777

Join Beth Shechinah for an exciting and prophetic tour to Israel as we celebrate the Feast of Shavuot (Pentecost)! This year has
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Annual Hanukkah Bazaar at Beth Shechinah

Beth Shechinah Judaica Gift Shop hosts an Annual Hanukkah Bazaar on December 4th, 2016 Annual Hanukkah Bazaar will be on Sunday, Dec.
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From the Bema

Here Comes The Bride

Posted on 02 Dec 2016, Pastor: Rabbi Calev Goldberg

Bridges For Peace

Posted on 25 Nov 2016, Pastor: Rev. Peter Fast

Four Altars of God’s Promise

Posted on 18 Nov 2016, Pastor: Rabbi Calev Goldberg

Global Warning

Posted on 11 Nov 2016, Pastor: Joshua Munan

Who Is Yeshua, The Messiah

Posted on 04 Nov 2016, Pastor: Jorge Sedacca, Chosen People Ministries

Recent Blog Postings

Fires Raging Through Israel

Emergency Update: Dear Friends, Unfortunately, there are fires raging through Israel, some set by arsonists. For the past three days, Keren Kayemeth L’Israel (KKL-JNF) firefighters and staff have been battling the fires all over Israel, which have already destroyed thousands of...
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Trump Promises to Move US Embassy to Jerusalem

As the presidential candidate, Donald Trump promised to relocate the US Embassy to Jerusalem – a common Republican pledge during elections – and now Israelis want him to live up to it. Jerusalem’s Mayor Nir Barkat on Wednesday congratulated President-Elect Donald Trump hours...
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Israeli team ‘SpaceIL’ moves closer to landing on the moon

SpaceIL, the Israeli team competing in a Google competition intended to foster entrepreneurship in space, is the first to sign a contract to send a spacecraft to the moon. An Israeli team has moved one step closer towards winning a Google sponsorship in a competition to send a...
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Trump to Israel: I Love You

Just days after his upset victory in the US presidential election, Donald Trump affirmed that his time in the White House will be marked a new closeness in US-Israel relations. “I love and respect Israel and its citizens,” Trump wrote in a statement to daily commuter paper Israel...
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