Real Chance for Peace With Trump

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Top Israeli Minister Says Real Chance for Peace With Trump

Israel Public Security Minister Gil’ad Erdan on Monday said that with US President Donald Trump rewriting the rule of Mideast peacemaking, there was now a real chance for a genuine agreement between the Jewish state and its Arab neighbors.

Speaking at a gathering of the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations in Jerusalem, Erdan said that attitude from an American president is a game-changer:

“We have an opportunity to create, together with the administration, the conditions for serious peace negotiations, by changing the basic approach of the international community.

“I believe that peace is possible. Every time Israel had a real partner for peace, we were willing to take far-reaching steps. If we have a true partner for peace, and we have to check that we have a true partner, we can make a deal, as some like to say. You probably know who I’m talking about.”

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