Erev Shabbat Supper, Guest Speaker

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This coming Friday we will be having our monthly Erev Shabbat Supper at 6:30 p.m.

Plan to bring a hot dish, salad and/or dessert. Marie Muddle will be sharing a testimony of how the Lord supernaturally healed her.

We will also be showing a video on Tu Bishvat in preparation for our Tu Bishvat Seder as well as 68 things you may not have known about Israel.


Special Speaker in February:

Jack Zimmerman of Jewish Voice will be speaking at Beth Shechinah on Wednesday, March 15th, at 7:00pm.

Jewish Voice’s Staff Evangelist, Jack Zimmerman, is a former stand-up comedian and has an engaging wit and dynamic speaking style. A Messianic Jewish Rabbi, Jack has a deep understanding of the Hebrew roots of the Christian faith that makes him a valued and respected teacher of the Scriptures. He is also an award winning reporter, radio and television host, and has taught Bible classes throughout the United States, and at theological universities in Russia and the Ukraine.